Valley Center Cemetery

Serving Our Community Since 1883
Pastoral    Peaceful    Historic

Our Pricing Guide

2016 Price List

 Lot-Single $1,400
 Lot-Double   2,300 
 Endowment Care Fund      350
 Baby Vault      550
 Open/Close      775
 Columbarium Niche      950
 Columbarium Endowment Care
 Columbarium Open/Close      300
 Columbarium Engraving      250
 Columbarium Vase (Bronze)     150
 Cremation Lot (In ground)      950
 Cremation Endowment Care Fund      350
 Cremation Vault      350
 Cremation Open/Close      500
 Multiple Burial Fee (In ground
 Stone Drop-In/Cement Border
 (All standard sizes)
 Military Bronze Drop-In 
    (Cement base, vase, flag holder)
 Stone Whitening      120
 Stone Polishing      120
 Vases      60
Remove & Replace Stone or Urn
    for 2nd Burial
 Non-Resident Fee      600
 Saturday, Sunday, Monday Service      500
 Saturday, Sunday, Monday Service
    Cremation in ground
 Saturday, Sunday, Monday Service
    Cremation in Niche
 Burial After 1:00 PM add
 Tuesday-Friday Service after 
    1:00 PM

 Time &

 Prices Subject to Change
 Sales Taxes not included
Effective 2/2016

For questions, please contact
Jeff Haack, Superintendent at
Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 12 PM

Perpetual care provided.

Board of Directors

Louise Kelly, President
Gunnar Hanson
Elizabeth VanNoordt
Kate McBeath
Susan Harris
Board Meetings Held on the
2nd Tuesday of each month at 10AM
Valley Baptist Church
Corner of Cole Grade and Miller Road

If you, or anyone you may know, is interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please contact Louise Kelly at 760-749-0092

This local County service is available to persons living in the district, owning property therein or those who may have a loved one buried here.
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